Q2 takes pride in a methodology that stresses continuous improvement and lean processes - integrating the overall objective of the "big picture" with the "details of implementation".  

A balanced emphasis on these two issues is often found to be missing - and frequently spells the difference between "it works" and obtaining a significant return on your company's resources.

Core philosophies

  • At the center of our methodology is the question: 

    “What is needed to make a team successful”.  

    Rather then viewing a problem in isolation, the emphasis is on the processes that are related, directly or indirectly, to the problem.  Hence a foundation is provided for both solving the problem and accelerating momentum on the path of continuous improvement.

  • Your team members spend less time dealing with the results of weak processes - and more time on the truly important issues that stimulate the growth of your business.
  • Your employees have the opportunity to transition from firefighters to professionals at fulfilling the needs of your customers.